Creativity & Refinement

Creativity & Refinement Based on study in depth of the market trends, and the comprehension of world clients' requirements, our perfumers work on creating rich fragrances , keeping originality and special characteristics of perfumes. Over 50 years of experience in fine fragrance industry, our perfumers target their expertise in responding to specific requests and fulfilling all needs of different levels of the perfume industry as well as Industrial users of toiletries. PARFUMANIA's sales team works closely together with its perfumers. and deal accordingly with customers to answer their specific requests. in a very professional and meticulous way.


Mrs. Nejla Bsiri Barbir, owner & perfumer, has succeeded at the beginning of her career, under the guidance of world top prominent perfumers: she moved her way up in the club of international recognized perfumers, creating fine fragrances for well-known brands, such as Christian Dior, Estee Lauder, Kiton and many more. She worked on modernizing some fragrances from Hermes and other Private perfume "niche" companies. Her experience in creation for well known brands of perfume has helped her continue its pursuit of excellence , she also catered for industrial fragrances used in various world markets providing fine fragrances used in detergent, shampoos and the likes. PARFUMANIA evaluates trendy fragrances and develops those that are adequate with various markets of all world corners. Fragrances creation, is done in such a manner to reach the ideal scent in a modern and advanced technical environments . Fragrance oils are manufactured with ISO - 9001 industrial standards, using advanced SAP software. It also provides consulting services for the prestigious companies looking to evaluate and develop new fragrances , adding an important boost to ensure adequacy and reduce risks, by helping and assisting newly formed entities willing to go ahead and come up with new successful notes.

Quality Control

Quality control is done in a meticulous way, selection of raw materials is made by contacting and travelling to sources to ensure quality of the products we create. At the same time we follow EU guidelines and regulations demanded by regulators of the Perfume industry ( IFRA - COLIPA ) Our goal remains to create fragrances that have their own character and originality. Such endeavor requires creative, innovative spirit which takes into consideration traditional perfume history and uses natural raw materials and find its equivalent, along within European and International regulations without compromising the richness of the scent, the art of mastering creativity learnt throughout years of work with uncontested great masters of perfumery. Our perfumers have created well known scents for famous brands, with previous jobs at multinational firms of the business.Such fragrances would take them up to two years of competing with other masters in the trade.At the same time competing with the master in the trade. At the same time they won projects dedicated to various markets in different geography areas.


Conformity with European legislations Our laboratories and quality control department are at the disposal of our perfumers in order to respond to our customers, making sure every raw material meets our criteria, they work hand in hand with other staff to take care of preparing technical, security, statements and proper regulatory certificates . Our laboratory in the heart of Paris is present to respond to clients' requirements and working groups. Our products comprise a variety of applications, on top of alcoholic perfumery. And industrial usage such as perfume for gasoline.


PARFUMANIA is an entity whose richness emanates from the quality and originality. Our management method is based on maximizing efficiency using latest modern systems. We have personalized service provided for demanding Customers. Our follow up and customer services has been appreciated by all our customers, And our refinement has been built throughout, 50 years of experience of fine fragrances from the most prestigious houses experience of our perfumers. We do our utmost to conceive fragrances with character of their own and give advice and assistance to our customers. to help them remain in the latest market trends.